Pointless Musings: Much Ado About Nothing.

What should I write about when I don’t want to talk about my weight, diet or exercise. What could I pontificate on if I don’t want to put negative vibes into the world about shitty customer service or low self-esteem. What if I don’t want to write about what I ate or what restaurants I’m dying to go to. What if I don’t want to gush about my relationship or lament how poorly I’m staying in touch with those I love. What if the news I find interesting seems too depressing, or I know my thoughts about it won’t be a value-add. What if I want to be edgy like Hunter, but lack the gull to do so. Or to be inspire like Maya, but lack the sincerity.

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Sports Go Sports: Cheddar Bay 2015.


Few things make me happy like Cheddar Bay has, over the past few years. I’m not here to explain what Cheddar Bay is. I’m here to rationalize why I’m going to do it again this year; if you’re a sports masochist like me, then this is why you should too.

  1. There is a football world outside of the Cleveland Browns. Really. And thank goodness, because before Cheddar Bay, I’m not sure I paid attention to any other pro-football teams. Now, instead of just fighting the tears, week after week, for another Browns season doomed to go up in flames, I can distract myself with other teams and watch what it’s like when football is played the way one would expect it to. 
  2. The Cheddar community is full of lovable reprobates. Much to my surprise not all of the participants are located in the Cleveland area. I’ve enjoyed imagining what they look like in real life, or how a novel written by them would read, or what their drink of choice would be at a proper tailgate.
  3. I’m indulged every week knowing at least one, if not more, poor soul(s) are reading my 100+ words on a football game of my choice. Sometimes I write about actually footbally stuff, but more often not. I highly doubt I could make any observations or assessments that aren’t glaringly obvious and redundant. I’d much rather be honest about my evaluation, which is mostly influenced by where I’ve left a trail of booze-fueled trail destruction before and what I think the weather will be like in that region.
  4. I cannot do as poorly as I did last year. At least, I don’t think so. Statistically speaking, as most baseball people are saying at this time of year, it would be incredible for me to do worse. At some point last year, I was losing to someone who had given up on playing three weeks prior. The virgin lobsterita calls to me in my most haunted, lucid nightmares. I’m playing for claws this year.
  5. The All-Plays are usually a kick in the nuts but we’re all in it together. I make a few simple rules for myself to follow at the beginning of the year and the weekly all-plays unmercifully unravel my basic wagering principles until I’m a knotted thread of a woman who doesn’t know who she is anymore. I will not pick against Peyton, I will not pick for or against the Browns, I will avoid the MAC at all costs. I will not get involved with Ohio State. No, All-Play, noooooooooo.

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The Great Northwest: Day 3 – Glacier National Park.


On the third day of our trip, we actually entered a national park; Glacier National Park, to be precise. I have to admit, I did not rise and shine. It was (what I considered to be) the first day of my vacation and that does mean sleeping in a little bit. Nick was up in arms about getting parking for some of the trails we wanted to hit but I was all, “it’ll be fine, we’ll make it there by the time the first wave is leaving.” I’ll save you the anticipation. He was totally right, and my theory was incredibly wrong. Who knew parking was its own sport at Glacier?

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The Great Northwest: Day 2 – Cherries and Berries.

How am I doing? We’re on Day 5 of our trip and I’m about to type up Day 2 and maybe Day 3, but no pressure. Day 2 was a big ‘ole driving day which I didn’t think would be that exciting but of course it was eventful because any day with me is. For breakfast we went to the restaurant inside of the Arctic Club. Nick had the corned beef hash, per usual and I ordered the breakfast burrito. When our food arrived, the burrito was the size of rolled up shirt that would be eligible for shooting into a sports team’s fanbase. I managed to eat two-thirds of it before raising the white flag. We called valet for our vehicle and hit the road.

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Travel Warrior: The Fun Never Ends.

Toasting to a delightful wine tasting at Uptick Winery.

Now, where was I? What did I last post about? Something about my favorite TV shows? Yeesh. Katie. Of everything in the world, I chose to share such intriguing, intimate details such as the TV shows I indulge in. When did I get so interesting?!?

The past few months have been a whirlwind of traveling. The end of April was LA to San Francisco to Sonoma Valley. The following weekend was a wedding in Chicago. The following weekend was a surprise birthday trip for me to Oklahoma City (where my best bitch lives with her husband and Baby A.) The weekend after my birthday weekend, a darling friend from Cleveland spent Memorial Day weekend with me in Nashville. I had a two weekend reprieve before a Bachelorette Trip to Ft. Lauderdale (spoiler alert: I can still hang.) (Spoiler to the spoiler: After “still hanging,” it takes me about a week to recover.) After my trip to Florida, I had one weekend back home in Nashville – yes, it’s finally home! We headed up to the lake house in Illinois for a long Fourth of July weekend, which brings me to now.

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New Horizons: Getting Used to Them.

Beautiful Nashville from the Walking Bridge over the Cumberland river - taken on my run this morning!
Beautiful Nashville from the Walking Bridge over the Cumberland river – taken on my run this morning!

It’s been awhile since I’ve written. Since I’ve poured my life out on paper or in a draft to therapeutically process it. There’s a million reasons, more like excuses.

Life is too devastatingly beautiful not to be chronicled. I want to pen long essays about the most romantic day of my life. I want to document every recipe I mess up so I can properly celebrate the ones I nail. I want to be imaginarily accountable through the web to pursue my health and fitness whims. I long to ramble about the tiny ah-ha moments I have. I do.

I don’t quite know how to label the funk I’ve been in. I use the big “D” word because it best matches the non-feelings I’ve had, the emptiness I’ve been feeling. The cause is complex and it’s not just as simple as saying, “the post-wedding blues.” I think wedding planning was just keeping me sufficiently distracted from my fears of calling a new place home. I’m scared of finally losing the excuse of, “we just moved here,” to explain my anti-social behavior.

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DIY Skin Care: How I Tame My Crazy-Ass Pores


Slowly but surely, I am incorporating more natural elements into my lifestyle. One of the big areas for me, is skincare. It’s no secret, my skin sucks. It blows. It’s turrible – as Barkley would say. Starting in 6th grade I had terrible acne, was bullied, blah blah blah. Main point, I thought it would go away. By the time middle school ended. Or of course by the time I graduated from high school. Or definitely by the time I finished college. Nope. My acne, like a bumpy little shadow, followed me into adulthood. Cute, right?

I have spent so much time (and money) slathering salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide onto my skin that I thought it might be time to try something different. One major thing is diet, but that’s super complicated and I’m not even sure of my own perfect dietary formula yet. I’m talking topical.

Oil – friend or foe? Two years ago, I would have said foe. My skin is oily, why would I fight fire with fire? As it would turn out, oil vs. oil is a fair fight. A good one, even. My stance was first weakened at the knees when Kimberly, from Smitten in Cleveland, posts a piece on her holy grail cleansing oil, and my eyes were opened. Her first step is to wash your hands, and while while this might sound super basic for washing your face 101, it’s honestly something I had never thought about. If washing your face with oil was something she did, then it couldn’t be wrong, but I didn’t want to be right..yet…I guess.

Recently, I made my own DIY exfoliating face wash with coconut oil and quite frankly, I’m mad about it.


  • ½ cup coconut oil
  • ¼ cup baking soda
  • 2-3 drops of lavender essential oils


Mix! I use this 4-5 times a week – usually in the evening. It has taken some time to get acquainted with how my skin feels a little “oily” afterward. I just wasn’t used to not completely stripping my face of oil day-in and day-out.

Inspiration: I think this was from a MindBodyGreen article, but honestly, I can’t find it!

My newest DIY face mask is so simple and involved Grapeseed Oil, which is so convenient because I just started cooking with it recently too! Grapeseed might even be able to help tighten skin and reduce the appearance of pores (which is great, because the pores on my nose are the number and size of the potholes after this winter.)



  • 2 tablespoons of grapeseed oil
  • 1 tablespoon of fine sea salt (seriously, as fine as possible – otherwise, it scratches!)


Mix! Glop on. Leave for 3-5 minutes then rinse! Afterwards, my skin feels a little “tight” so I use a rosewater toner on a cotton ball to calm everyone down.

Inspiration: Instructables

Do you have any favorite DIY skin care recipes?