Nick and Katie Take Engagement Pictures.

I cannot even count all of the wonderful and super exciting things going on one hand, maybe not even two. But hey, I bet if I get my toes involved, we could cover most of them.

Thankfully, wedding planning has stayed on the positive side of the ledger. Our engagement picture photo session went better than I ever could have imagined. Our engagement and wedding photographer is the one, and only. Jason Thomas Crocker. He was a referral of my close friend and event planning extraordinaire, Lauren, and he is quickly becoming a fast friend of ours. Hell. Anyone that can get my fiance to take pictures for nearly four hours without complaint should be considered family. Jason has posted some highlights over at his blog – I recommend checking those out first if you haven’t! Then, if you’re not sick of looking at us yet, I’ve included my favorites below. And THEN, if you’re still interested, I will post just about all of them on Facebook.

In Ohio City

JTC_Katie_Nick_Engagement-4JTC_Katie_Nick_Engagement-7 (1)JTC_Katie_Nick_Engagement-16JTC_Katie_Nick_Engagement-25 (1)JTC_Katie_Nick_Engagement-24 (1)JTC_Katie_Nick_Engagement-26JTC_Katie_Nick_Engagement-22

Our Model Faces


The Ring + My Favorite Books Ever


Edgewater Park

JTC_Katie_Nick_Engagement-40 (1)JTC_Katie_Nick_Engagement-46JTC_Katie_Nick_Engagement-53JTC_Katie_Nick_Engagement-47   Ta-Dah! Like I said these are  just my absolute favorites and I will post the rest on Facebook sometime soon. AND in case you’re wondering, yes, you should book our photographer and he loves to travel! Any favorites? 

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