Unapologetic Thoughts.

Yes, this is a result of needing to decompress after writing a midterm paper about innovation. There is so much innovation. So much. Product, and service, and management, and my favorite – disruptive innovation. I want to be disruptive. In a good way, don’t worry. But, can you imagine creating something that literally changes the way you live your daily life? Literally? One literally every glass of wine. Literally. Just kidding. I’ll never tell.

My darling fiance stocked our wine stash with a 2011 red from Sonoma, called “if you see kay.” Obviously, I love this because it’s a reference to spelling out a certain favorite swear word of mine, but I think I love it even more because I know he had no idea that it did. Just has a rockstar label. As it should. But let me tell you, it’s delicious.

If you’ve ever wondered how wonderfully useful this word is, I share with you this – it is NOT safe for work (NSFW) unless you work at home. In that case – proceed. I’m just a sucker for words with such great versatility in the English language. It’s too bad it’s considered so crude. When I was in middle school, I figured the f-bomb would be as bad as saying “pissed off,” by now. I’m sad that the future hasn’t beholded this prediction. What happened? Has the generation after me been slacking in coming up with horrific words that are not to be used? Are they too busy playing on iPads or developing Apps? This is so unfortunate.

May we can trade a word and bring the eff word into normalcy? Just switch it out with a much less useful word. Like didgeridoo. Can we have a “d-word” now and bring the f-tastic word into mainstream?

Also. What’s going on with the word “bitch”? I hear it on Jimmy Fallon all the time, but it’s still censored on the radio. It’s exhausting.

Speaking of Jimmy Fallon – I’m working on a list of celebrities that I wish would come to our nuptials party. He definitely makes the list. Let’s assume their significant others are a given, too. Seth Meyers makes the VIP list. And Howard Stern. I really tried not to like him but Boyface listens to him incessantly and sadly, I’ve garnered the appeal. He’s a really strong interviewer. Definitely a result of experience and wisdom. His time in the industry is crazy. I can’t stand the extremist stuff or bits that goes on but gosh, when he talks to Lady Gaga or Eric Stonestreet, or Louis C.K., I’m interested.

There’s so many more people though. Gwen Stefani. Zooey. The lead singer of Postal Service – so he can get back together with Zooey. Cara Delevingne and her eyebrows. Alton Brown. Peter Segal and Karl Kasell.

I still cannot internalize Karl Kasell is not announcing for Wait, Wait..Don’t Tell Me, anymore. Wait, Wait was the beginning of the end for me and podcasts. Podcasts make my 45 minute commute feel like five. I love quiz shows. They make me wish I was on a trivia team.


I am eager for this round of classes to be complete. I must be honest. I have a week of vacation on deck for after this summer session of courses. I want to read every book. All the books. Every single book. And for for FUN. My authority issues really cramp my school style. It’s wild how many books I was “forced” to read in high school that I loathed and then really read after the class and loved. Why is it that when you’re “made” to do something that you would elsewise enjoy, you abhor it? I can’t wait to finish the new Freakonomics book. Perhaps finally finish Wicked? The book buffet is practically endless.

This is about as far as I can go without talking about real things, like my first experience at the Kentucky Derby, or my birthday, or taking engagement pictures, or how I feel about Suburgatory and Mixology being cancelled, or our recent trip to Nashville, or wedding planning, or fitness/weight loss. Or how the news makes me so very sad. But I think this was an okay start. Just okay.

And Emma Stone. I’d want her to be there. And to sing Blues Traveler to us.

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