If You Give a Katie a Tub of Coconut Oil.

If you give a Katie a tub of coconut oil, she’s going to try oil pulling.

Then she’ll want to brush her teeth with natural toothpaste.

Before she gets in the shower, she’ll want to try dry brushing.

Once she’s in the shower, she may even swap out her face wash, shampoo, and body wash for more natural options.

She may even want to stop using shampoo all together.

After the shower she will want to roll-on natural deodorant and dab rose water on her face as toner.

The, to start her day, she want a cup of hot water, she’s going to want to put a wedge of lemon in it, and some turmeric and perhaps some cayenne. Heck, you might as well just give her a hot turmeric tea.

She’ll need 100 oz of water after that to make her 100 oz of a water a day, goal.


Strangely, this is a just a sample of the weird hippie things going on in my life in the background of work, graduate school, and wedding planning. I cannot wait to write more about some of these wonderful new developments. I’m not completely jumping the tracks but I am using more common sense when it comes to how I treat my body and what I’m putting in and on it.



4 thoughts on “If You Give a Katie a Tub of Coconut Oil.

  1. I’m already doing like half those things.🙂

    I cannot get on board with this oil pulling stuff. They say to do it for 20 minutes? Who has time for that! I guess I just don’t understand that one. I get the others though!

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