The Before and After Pictures: My Before.

Let’s Get Physical

If you’ve talked to me in the past few months or have stopped by my little cubby on the internet, you know I’m kind of obsessed with living a healthier lifestyle, in a healthier body. There’s too many reasons for this:

  • I’m getting married
  • To look like a badass for my wedding
  • To look like a badass on my honeymoon
  • To look like a badass for the rest of my life
  • To feel like a badass for all of those things, too
  • I’m happier when I work out
  • I sleep better when I eat better and exercise
  • I have less stomach problems when I eat better
  • To fit back into my favorite jean shorts
  • To be a good example of a healthy lifestyle while working in an office and taking graduate classes in the evening

And the list goes on.

When I read about other health journeys, there usually one element I’m looking for – the before and after pictures. I’m a visual learner. I associate hints, tricks, and mantras with these pictures. Instagram is my new favorite-thing-ever because I love the visual reinforcement of other people working out and eating healthy fare.

I’m not sure what being-the-best-me will look like. I have a potential number (weight) in my head but I’m not tied to it. If I gain 10 lbs but there are less inches – then so be it. For now, the two go hand-in-hand and I’m tracking the pounds and the inches.

Pictures are helping me to stay committed this time around. Often, I think I don’t notice the change over time because I see myself all the time. Think about it – do you notice weight gain in someone you see every day as much as you might notice when someone you only see once in a while gains a few? A close girlfriend in college put on the “Freshmen 30”  and I had no real idea. I would’ve guessed five, maybe. When you see someone everyday, especially yourself, it can be tough to see the results.

Pictures of where I was at before getting my butt in gear were the jolt of ice water I needed to see there was a problem. When you look at a picture of yourself from behind and don’t recognize who that person is with the backfat in the strapless dress that looks an awfully lot like a dress you wore to that same wedding…there’s a problem.

I’ve struggled with whether to post some of the before pictures I collected as evidence that I was not being the best me. Every person’s journey is different. My low could very well be someone else’s high. I don’t quite know how to say it but these “before” pictures represent so much more than how my body looks. They represent not listening to my body, not making myself a priority, secret trips to McDonald’s, and denial.



So yikes. But it’s a pill I’m swallowing. You know what helps the medicine go down? A spoon full of sugar.

I’m a big believer in appreciative inquiry. I would be amiss not to also look at pictures when I look like me and was maintaining a higher, more desirable standard of living for myself. I can’t wait to get back to these and beyond!



Here’s to the befores. Stay posted….”durings” to come…


Do pictures play a role for you when it comes to fitness? For better or for worse? 




10 thoughts on “The Before and After Pictures: My Before.

  1. This is a great post, Katie! I have one truly embarrassing, eye-opening picture that I haven’t posted yet… but maybe I will. I have to remember that I have nothing to be ashamed of, yes I wasn’t always healthy but at least I am working on it now & am making better choices and taking care of my body.🙂

    1. Isn’t it crazy how one picture can hit you like a brick wall? You definitely have nothing to be ashamed of, for sure. We have to start somewhere and I’m so grateful we’re in this together.

  2. Go girl for posting! Our body types are so much the same so I can relate. Um I had to laugh at the pic of you with your man dancing. My hubby is super tall too so I also do that – stretch my arms all the way up and have to look up at him. Even with heels!

    1. Holly, you just get me. I don’t even want to think about the height of the heels I would need to get me on his level – I think they would be called stilts. Oh well, we love our tall guys!

  3. Ok, I can see that you’re a different size than the older pics but you’re not even close to being a fat ass! Your “bad” pics look really nice except the one of just your back…I think that’s just a really unflattering view for someone with broad shoulders to begin with. I’m all for you working towards fitness goals – just don’t be TOO hard on yourself. Remember, that man of yours loves you and wants to marry you, regardless of your size. XOXO

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Crystal. I do not and would never think I’m fat. The broad shoulders need to be a toned blessing and not an area of concern, haha. Promise I won’t be too hard on myself. Thanks for making my heart smile!

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