Half Marathon Training Update: Ruh-roh.

Is there really such a thing as a “quick update,” I fear there may not be. Not from me.

In brief:

I trained.

I ran. (St. Malachi 5 Mile Church Run)

I didn’t run.

I’m running again.

Seven weeks into training and the seven more weeks until the Cleveland Rite Aid (Half) Marathon. It’s beyond time I formally checked-in with myself about how this is going. Let’s take a look at the plan:

Wow. There is a lot of striking-though on that spreadsheet. Quite a bit on the Saturday long runs too. Yikes. 7 of the 22 lavender squares (meaning training completed) are “off” days. I excel at resting. Fabulous. You can see where I try to make up for some of the missed training days too. Brutal. This just makes me sad, frustrated, whatever. I don’t feel like my training is going as bad as it looks.

Well, maybe on Tuesday morning I did feel it.

On Monday night, I announced a “I am getting up at 5 – no snooze – no excuses” alert. This gives my partner-in-crime full permission to encourage, berate, and judge in order to help me meet this declaration. I think he may secretly enjoy enforcing early mornings.

On Tuesday morning, I placed my feet on the cold wood floor before turning the alarm off. I hadn’t even looked to see what the workout was for the morning. When you haven’t worked out in over a week, that’s easy to do. Scrolling through my training plan, I saw, “3 mile race pace.” Great. Three miles at a pace I was hoping to be able to do for five miles last week and couldn’t hack it. A glutton for (well-deserved) punishment, I trudged down to the workout room. And by trudged, I mean, took the elevator.

I know to run the 27:27, I needed to run at 6.6 or higher. I can’t start off that way though. After not running for over a week, I was hurting and I couldn’t get the closed caption to work for the morning news. Yes, that’s important to me. Around twenty minutes I was still only around 6.2-6.4 and I knew I had some work ahead of me to get to 3 miles before or at 27:27.

Long story short, I was running at nearly 9 mph by the end of it and I missed the mark by 6 seconds. This was the first time in this training cycle I pushed myself to a point of dry heaving. I felt like a cat hacking up a hairball, a very embarrassed, shameful cat, because there are only three treadmills and there was another guy two treadmills over.


It gets even more embarrassing. I finished my cool down and grabbed the sanitation spray and a paper towel to clean off the machine and was 95% through wiping it down when I realized I had been cleaning the wrong one. At that moment I was sanitizing the treadmill immediately next to the other runner that was once between us. Though this shenanigan did not catch his attention, the F-bomb I dropped, when I realized what I had been doing, sure did.

Hopefully I didn’t lose too much of how far I’ve come from my senseless week off – those 27 minutes and 33 seconds were a much-needed reality check. One of reasons I have fallen in love with running is how commensurate the results are to the work you put in. I’m better than this.


Coming Up

I’m hoping to run a 5k on Sunday and finally break my 30 minute curse. I’m also leaving it open to decide if I would be better off using Sunday for a much needed, much missed, long run. The better the weather, the more likely I will be to forgo the 5k and opt for a long run.

I’m definitely running the Glow4Goal 5k in early April. I love 5ks at night and a glow in the dark t-shirt sounds amazing.


How’s your working out/running/training going? Is this winter (supposedly spring) affecting your game? 



13 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Update: Ruh-roh.

  1. Nice work getting back out there and pushing yourself. I’ve totally cleaned the wrong machine at the gym before so it happens. I didn’t f-bomb though. Haha. The glow 4 a goal sounds AWESOME too bad it’s one of the nights I’m already racing. Sad panda.

    1. Thanks, Julie! That makes me feel so much better, knowing I’m not the only wrong equipment cleaner at the gym. I’ll let you know how the Glow run goes and good luck on your run that night, too!

  2. Great job on finishing on 9mph! I usually go with 7.5 for the duration of the run on the dreadmill. I absolutely hate the treadmill, and happy spring is finally coming around to run outside again! Keep up the hard work and you’ll make your goal for sure. The main thing is just to get out there and put in those miles. The times will come themselves.

    1. 7.5 – holy moly that’s fast! I imagine your stride is a little better than mine though. I don’t hate the treadmill like other people do. Especially if there’s a tv around that I can put sports on. Thank you for the encouragement, Daun – means a lot to me!

  3. Hey- at least you got back out there!! You could have continued to slack off, but you didn’t let yourself. So good for you🙂

    I do sometimes miss running from my good old cross country days in HS…but not enough to get back into it yet. Maybe some day.

  4. The weather has completely affected my training!! I’m craving spring/summer badly…Just keep at it best you can~ I took two weeks off because I was sick, and then I went out and ran the Malachi- and I PR’ed! So you never know!!!

    1. Jen – I want to shake my fist at this weather. It’s awful! Thank you for the encouragement, it helps to know there are other Clevelanders fighting the good fight too. Most of all, CONGRATULATIONS on your PR at Malachi – that’s great! Thanks for stopping by🙂

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