St. Malachi 5 Mile Church Run: 2014 Recap.

2014 St. Malachi Church Run Recap- 34th Annual

Last year, the St. Malachi Run was supposed to be my first time running the 5-mile instead of the 2-mile and running a race over 5k. When we woke up, that particular morning in 2013 was chilly and sleeting. Having already picked up our long-sleeve shirts the day before and not having trained – I shut off my alarm and rolled back over in bed.


This year was different. I once again signed the hubby-to-be and I up. He reluctantly agreed to join me on the condition of the weather being above freezing. At the time I registered, I couldn’t fathom the temperatures dipping below 32 in mid-March. I was pretty nervous prior to the race but the weather ended up being “best case scenario.” Upper 30s with some cloud cover.

I had been pretty okay in my training. My original goal for the St. Malachi 5-mile was to run 9:09 miles, resulting in a final time of 45:45. 9:09 is my unicorn. I need to run a 9:09 over 13.1 miles for a half marathon time under two hours. I was hoping to  run five miles at this pace by now but as the race approached, I conceded to the idea that wasn’t realistic and then I made a huge mistake – I canceled my original goal in my head but did not set a new one. As we lined up for the race, Boyface asked me what pace we were aiming for. I copped out. I shrugged and mumbled something about 9:30 or 9:45. To be fair, I’m still getting accustomed to my goals being more than “just finish.”

I had dressed appropriately. Though I had not planned out wearing the fleece I put on for our way to the race – the brisk wind told me else wise. Once we were running, I definitely could have done without it. That being said, the fleece didn’t even make it to “tied-around-the-waist” status, so I was just fine. Some gloves would have been fine. Yes, 86 the fleece, substitute glaves and it would have been perfect. I was also happy to get some use out of a favorite St. Patrick’s Day shirt.


The Race

The race as a whole went well. The course has changed a little bit and I think for the best. The final half-mile was downhill. I was thrilled. My stride opened up and I just whipped through, narrowly avoiding potholes, to the finish line.

Boyface was a great running partner. I think this is only the second race we’ve run together (the other being the Malachi 2-mile in 2012!) and he’s such a rock for the uphill battles. I firmly believe in running hills, all the hills. I’m more likely to “have to” walk, once I get up the hill and have passed the pinnacle than during the climb. It’s strange. If I’m good about hills, he’s a rockstar. I do not mind one bit when he gets a few strides ahead of me, keeping a steady pace, and I have to push myself, just the right amount to catch up to his fine self.

The biggest highlight was the final climb back over the Detroit-Superior Bridge. I remembered the parallel moment in 2012, nearing the end of a mere two miles and I was on empty. I recalled my love asking with some concern, “are you okay?” I said I was and asked what inclined him to ask…”you’re breathing really hard,” he relied. Flash forward to 2014, I was running up the hill, I was pooped, but I wasn’t defeated. I was grateful for the progress I’ve made. I thanked myself for the early mornings. I took a deep breath, content to think I might get to take a few more of those in my life because of these efforts.   

Some “Meh” Things

My mind is still absolutely blown by how many people start in the front to walk. There was just a lot of people of varying abilities too. There was just a lot of people, period. I’m either growing to abhor large crowds as I get older or I’m just now learning this about myself.

Dogs. I don’t remember dogs being a thing when I ran the 2-mile race two years ago. Is that new? I think I can understand running with dogs for more scenic 5ks, more suburb-esque 5ks, but downtown? They made me nervous. Particularly the dog that was jumping at the faster runners coming back past us as we rallied towards the Science Center. The race was way too crowded for four-legged friends running alongside well below eye-level.

Inner Monologue By the Mile

Mile 1: 9:29 – Yay, starting! Boo, people dodging. Oh look! River Dance dancers!

Mile 2: 9:09 – Yay, running down a big hill and the Browns Stadium, Go Browns! Ooo, the fast people. Hey, there’s Jess’s husband, “Go Ryan!”

Mile 3: 9:24 – That dog is making me so nervous. People dressed up like something? Pillows? I need to tie my shoe. (Tied my shoe.)

Mile 4: 9:58 – I ran this at the beginning of the Rock’n’Roll Half! Oof, big hill. Big hill. That hill sucked.

Mile 5: 8:41 – Bridge! Happy self-realizations! We’re all almost there! Yay, people cheering! Down the hill! Pothole, pothole, pothole. Go, go, go. Where is the finish line? How close to the turn at the bottom? Okay, not that close, but pretty close. Push! Finish!


The  Results

  • My chip time- 46:59.16
  • 9:24 min/mile average
  • 80th in my gender and age group (Females 25-29)
  • In the top 40% of my gender and age group (80/210)
  • 1107th overall
  • In the top 50% overall (1107/2248)

Post Race

After the race, I serendipitously ran into one of my favorite people in Cleveland, Theresa. Who I subsequently forgot to get a picture with. We then skipped any post-race bar festivities because I signed up for a three hour yoga workshop that afternoon. I did have a beer with lunch to celebrate!


I had a great St. Malachi Race. Very pleased with averaging out to 9:26 mpm, even though it’s not 9:09 yet. Very thankful for the cooperative weather and my supportive gazelle-like companion.

12 thoughts on “St. Malachi 5 Mile Church Run: 2014 Recap.

  1. Congrats on your finish. I completely agree that it is nuts how many walkers line up at the front. I once did a race up a mountain and the first two miles I had to walk behind walkers who laughed that they were “racing.” I wanted to scream.

  2. “I’m still getting accustomed to my goals being more than “just finish.”” …. eh I’m not there yet for the longer distances!

    You picked up the pace at the end. Awesome!

    1. Thanks, Holly! I’m still torn with trying to set short and long distance goals – do I work on one, the other, both? Can you do both? Should you focus on just one goal – it’s so confusing.

  3. Awesome race! It’s hard to set goals and actually “keep” them. I too struggle with them and usually fail bc of self doubt or something. I loved hearing how different this race was compared to 2 years ago. What a great feeling!

    1. Thanks, Sarah. The whole self doubt thing is huge. I’m going to do my best to look at my upcoming races and set something in stone and then either hit it or not! Thank you so much for reading and letting me know your thoughts – means a lot to me!

  4. I had such a great time doing this run last year, I was sad to miss this one! The best part were the bloody marys afterwards at the Harbor Inn…..Yumminess!!! Good luck reaching your goals!

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