Two Weeks In: How my resolutions are going.

Let’s check in, shall we?

Last week, I started asking myself a very critical question. You’ll be happy to know I haven’t gotten far. Hey, things take time.

As for my resolutions, I do have some updates there.

Write & Reflect

Well – I’m doing it right now? Does that count? I would really love to strive to write a little everyday. Even if it’s just a sticky-note love note to myself. Just a little writing for fun. Just a little text not intended for work or school purposes. There’s a good piece of advice in regard to running – do it even when you’re not in the mood. I think this applies to writing for me as well, because while I may not be in the mood to begin with I’m always thankful I did afterward. And you don’t get better by not doing something.

Discovered an AWESOME quote on Alicia’s blog today.

“If you had started doing anything two weeks ago, by today you would have been two weeks better at it.” ― John Mayer

Be a More Considerate Driver

I’m getting there. It’s just not easy to be super considerate when some a-hole is in the left hand land going 50 mph and everyone else who saw you hit the brakes is whizzing by you to your right. I loathe being passed on the right. I am enjoying being a more present driver – I even noticed some graffiti today I hadn’t before. The side of a building said, “provoke.” I’m having fun contemplating if “provoke” is someone’s pseudonym or a message. Either way I’m getting a kick out the fact I’ve been provoked to ponder that.

One Hour of TV a night (Tops!)

I think I’m 90% of the way there. I have SO MUCH TIME when I’m not self-hypnotizing. It’s incredible. I’m also not sure what I’m missing, so it really couldn’t have been that great. Perhaps my hot and heavy affair with my hubby-to-be’s DVR is finally fading.

Lumosity or other brain exercises

This really might just turn into “keep up with the schoolwork for my three classes.”

Review my finances/budget weekly

Yeppers. Good news is that between school, wedding, and saving for a house, the most complicated financial decision I’ll be making for the next six months is Yellowtail or The Little Penguin?


Completing the Blogilates Calendar

With a combination of waking up early, some crazy long workouts on the weekends, and Captain Planet – I should be on track to achieve this. I should really add the Captain Planet theme song to my workout. I can’t think of many other people I could spend as much time with as I will be spending with Cassey this month, especially since everytime I hear her say, “Hey guys!” my muscles pre-ache. (Both Captain Planet and Cassey have great abs!)


DietBet (Just for January) & a certain weight # or fitting back into my fave jean shorts this year

Well I’m 78% of the way there for the DietBet so as long as I stay on the straight and narrow, I should make it. Having 17 more days left could be a blessing or a cure. It’s been a great reason to take eating healthy seriously. As for the number I’m hoping to see or the favorite jean shorts – it will be a journey. Now that our wedding is (probably, mostly) set, there is a date I want to look the best in my life on. However, I don’t just want to get in wedding-shape, I want to get in life-shape. Basically, it’s a whole thing for me right now to make sure I’m getting in the groove of a healthy, sustainable lifestyle instead of a crash diet that that I might maintain right up until whatever delicious desserts I choose to have gorge on indulge in at the reception. Still don’t have the Kate Spade’s yet and I just broke my other cat-eye sunglasses – so time is of the essence!

Monthly Reflection on Awake Exec Topic

Well, I can hardly remember what the webinar was on this month, so that’s not a good sign. It was something about reflecting on how we want to feel and getting to that. I still have time, it’s going on the to-do list.

Run 25 miles each month

It’s January 14 and I’ve covered 8 miles so far, this month. That’s not great. Love, love, love Blogilates, but it doesn’t leave much energy for running. A long run on a weekend would go a long way (…pun intended?) but last weekend’s attempt was a miserable fail. I went to yoga at the House of Blues – which, p.s. free yoga every Saturday at the House of Blues – donations are encouraged and it goes to a charity of the teacher’s choice. So. I went to yoga on Saturday, which, p.p.s. was a 75-minute vinyasa flow with a teacher named Joy but I’m pretty sure her middle name is holy-moly-how-did-I-get-my-body-into-this-position-and-how-long-does-she-want-me-to-stay-here. So. After an invigorating yoga sesh, the weather was cloudy 40 degrees and I thought, what the heck? By the time I had run three-quarters of a mile I had almost slipped on ice and ate sidewalk twice and stepped in three puddles. By the third puddle, I said to myself, “aw, hell no,” and turned around. It was a good thing I turned around because as soon as I did, and was running into the wind, of course, it began to pour. I arrived back at the condo, cold, wet, and defeated. I will get the 25 miles in this month. I will.

Run a sub-2 ½ marathon this year

Slated to make my training plan in early February.

Learn to embrace ambiguity

All I have to say to myself here is to remember to be careful what I wish for. I have to be mindful the world has a habit of giving you what you ask for. Asking for ambiguity to embrace is much different than asking to find a cute top for work with elbow patches – which I did find, and it’s fabulous! Ambiguity is coming to me in waves. I don’t mean the rolling gentle kind either. I mean, the ocean waves on a beach that knock you down in a kind of scary way so you’re not sure which way is up and just when you figure it out another one comes crashing down and you go tumbling under again, wondering how you’re even still breathing. I know that sounds horrifying, but just as I remember my tussles with the ocean as a child, I am energized.

Waves and abs - circa. 2011
Waves and abs – circa. 2011

Welcome Mindfulness into my Life (via Training a Wild Elephant book)

Last weeks task was to be mindful when I ate. Just eat. No TV, no distractions, just eat. I would give myself a 5 out 10 on the assignment. I knew it would be tricky and it was. I just very much like watching Jeopardy and eating dinner. It works for us. Having less TV time though did spill into being a more mindful eater though. It was also tough to be mindful when I was eating at my desk. Just saying.

This week’s assignment is to give someone a compliment each day. Not just someone, someone you care about. This is pretty easy for me, I just have to be conscious of when I’m doing it. Like right now, I was thinking I didn’t compliment anyone today, (stranger’s scarves don’t count, etc.) and as I reflect, I sent a really sweet text to a friend without a second thought. Go me. Should probably keep better track of doing this too.

That’s all! Yeah, that’s all, just three pages of text. Oh crap.

How are your resolutions, words of 2014, promises, whatever you did, going?

12 thoughts on “Two Weeks In: How my resolutions are going.

  1. I want to read the Training a Wild Elephant book! Thanks for the recommendation. You are doing great and I love that you are putting the focus on what makes you happy each day.

  2. I’m trying to get my head around the ambiguity thing. What was the motivation for that? Embracing vagueness? I would love to read a post on that! Good job on the Mindfulness book. I did 23? 24? weeks of the Mindful Mondays before my blogging hiatus and it was a fun experiment. I’m with ya on less TV. I took a queue from one of our fellow bloggers and decided to read 24 books this year. That’s two books a month, its been keeping me away from TV on the weekends almost completely. Good luck!

  3. My computer won’t let me comment! Sorry if there are double posts! Anyway you are doing great. I would love to hear more on this ambiguity thing. What’s the motivation behind that? I took a queue from Jessica up there and decided to try and read 24 books this year. Two books a month has so far successfully kept me away from a lot of weekend tv. Goof luck!

    1. No worries about the double posts! Happens to me all the time. I almost always copy my comments before clicking “post” in case I have to sign into something or a captcha decides I’m not human.

      The ambiguity thing…I’ve always thought I was more Type B and go with the flow and that people might describe me as spontaneous. This is not the case. Turns out I don’t love surprises and abrupt changes in plans has too high of an affect on my mood. I want to be more comfortable with unknowns and changes.

      Two books a month? Good luck! I wish I could but I think with school, I’d be in trouble.

  4. Oh I love that quote! So far (I’m really only a couple days in since the first part of January is a blur), it’s going well for me… I don’t expect to see major changes right away but I’m working on changing my habits. Getting back into a fitness routine, drinking more water, snacking less (or at least snacking on healthier things)… and taking it day by day so I can enjoy the present🙂

  5. Thanks for the shout out in the post, lady! That is one mighty fine quote – got my behind motivated, that’s for sure. And you are a machine for keeping up with the Blogilates calendar. Good for you!!! xoxo

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