2014 – Hopes, Goals, and Resolutions.

Sometimes – you just need to get your resolutions out there without too much fuss. This year, I have a few more than usual, some more specific, others more vague. 2014 is going to be a great big year for me. I can feel it. Below are the resolutions (subject to amends) and below below is some ramblings about them.

2014 Resolutions


  • Write and reflect
  • Be a more considerate driver
  • 1 hour of TV (tops!)


  • Lumosity
  • Review my budget/finances


  • Complete Blogilates calendar each month
  • DietBet (this month)
  • Reflection on an Awake Exec topic (book, webinar, etc.)
  • 25 miles per month

Within the year…

  • A certain weight or fitting back into my favorite jean shorts
  • Run a sub-2 half marathon
  • Learn to embrace ambiguity
  • Welcome mindfulness into my life (Complete “How to Train a Wild Elephant)
This is how we rang in the New Year - headstands and cheese. How could this year not be wicked awesome?
This is how we rang in the New Year – headstands and cheese. How could this year not be wicked awesome?

Thoughts on my “daily” goals.

I need to be writing daily. It makes me happy (always) and I’ve stopped writing if I don’t think it’s important. When I read my journaling from over a decade ago – it’s the random things, the seemingly trivial aspects, of my life I treasure looking back on. I’m only cheating myself if I don’t get steppin’ about writing.

As for driving – I spend over an hour and half on the road each day I commute to work. That’s an incredibly big chunk of time to be ticked off for every day. I’m very punctual and I always give myself more than enough time to get to work and home or to class, so, what’s the rush? I’ll never be a driver who can go 10-under but I don’t need to be the guy going 10-over and ruining everyone’s day who gets in the way, either.

One hour of TV a day – when I type that, it still sounds like a lot of TV – seven hours a week? What could be so interesting that I need to watch that much TV? The answer is not much – but I do it anyways. I’ve abused having cable and a DVR for far too long now and I’m out of excuses. When I watch less TV, the condo is magically cleaner, and somehow, I snack less, work out more, and am more mindful of tasks I need to complete. It’s a funny thing really. (This may or may not include sports – as long as they’re on mute and in the background of what I’m doing. That’s fair.)


I say Lumosity but I mean doing something to improve my brain skills each week. I really am “that girl” when it comes to forgetting and running into things. Clumsy and absent-minded. It’s nearly lethal.

Review financials/budget. This just makes good sense. With a lot going on (saving for a wedding and house) the more cognizant I can be of my accounts and spending, the better. The key for me about spending is to keep looking at it.


Health is a BIG theme for me this year. I don’t want to be a bride crash-dieting a couple months before the big day. I’d much rather get to wear I want to be in a healthy and (most importantly) sustainable fashion. My habits are complete crap. I haven’t been on a long run since the half-marathon I ran in October. I’m also teetering on weighing the most I ever have in my life in addition to not fitting into some staple closet items the same way. Something has got to change. There’s a number I really don’t want to ever see and I’m tip-toeing dangerously close to the edge. It would be one thing if I hit that number but I’m a lean, mean, muscular, fitness machine, but I’m not. I’m a fluffy, processed food, sweet tooth, lazy-ish black hole. So – as always, I know it’s not all about the numbers, but it’s a number I’ve reach through sloth and gluttony, not hard work and perseverance.

So about these monthly goals.

Blogilates calendar & DietBet- each month, my favorite online fitness guru, creates a calendar with recommended workouts each day. I want to complete all of the activities on the calendar within the month. I might not be perfect, I might get behind or even ahead but I want to do it all! I could really use some structure in my fitness-life and I think Blogilates will be just the thing. I’m also participating in the Blogilates-sponsored DietBet…just another check and balance. For the millionth time, I know it’s not just about the number, but my number is a number I’ve never seen before and I’d like a little kick in the butt to stop snacking and drink a little less. To “win” my diet bet for the month, I need to log a 5.9 lb. loss by the end of January…totally manageable if I stick with some of these other goals. It’s all about the ripple effect.

Awake Executive Reflection – I made a big step in my personal/professional development and joined a group that I think will help me grow. There are different topics monthly and my goal is to write a reflection (at least one) each month.

Run 25 miles – It was hard for me to come up with a “miles-a-month” goal but I’ve settled on 25. Running is a form of exercise I’ve grown to love over the past few years and I want to make sure it remains a staple in my fitness exploration. This would tally up to 300 miles in a year and I like that a lot. 365 is the stretch goal.

Within the Year

A certain weight or fitting back into my favorite pair of jean shorts. I think this one is pretty self-explanatory.

Run a sub-2 hr. half marathon. I had my first taste of running a half-marathon last year and I want more! Not more distance though, a faster time. I don’t feel like I pushed myself and I had a two-twenty-something. The goal was to finish. Now, the goal is to finish in under two hours. I’m aiming for the Cleveland Rite Aid but if that attempt falls short – I will keep signing up.

Learn to embrace ambiguity – This goal is a little more vague and I’m not sure how I’ll know when it’s been accomplished but I’m sure there will be scenarios to test it. For a really, really long time I was convinced that I was a “Type B” personality, and spontaneous, and could go-with-the-flow. I’m not sure what opened my eyes but man, have I been wrong. I don’t enjoy surprises and I don’t like uncertainty. I like to have a plan. I get upset when people are not on time. I cause myself a lot of unnecessary stress and grief by being so anal. I want to be comfortable saying “yes” to plans that aren’t more than twenty-four hours ahead of time.

And last but not least, welcome mindfulness into my life. Very much connected to my previous goal, I want to be in the moment. I want to know how to be present and then to be it. To put something measurable with this goal, I want to finish reading/completing the “How to Tame a Wild Elephant” book. I was really becoming a more focused and mindful person through it and I want to continue that journey – this week’s challenge is to “just eat” while you’re eating. This could possibly be the hardest chapter for me. I was originally doing this with my friend, Julie, and here’s her post on the food challenge.

I know it sounds like a lot but I think a lot of these will lend to the others. 2014 is going to be a great year, I just know it.

5 thoughts on “2014 – Hopes, Goals, and Resolutions.

  1. Ugh I feel for you on that commute. That’s what I was driving for my last job and it was awful. I did try books on tape for a while. I also rarely planned anything important right after work… never knowing when traffic would be a bear. I guess I did my best to come to terms with how long it would take. Good luck!

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