The Winking Lizard, The Grog Shop, and Golf.

Where did this week go? I haven’t even finished talking about my last weekend yet!

Saturday was gorgeous weather wise, so obviously the play here is to open the windows and the balcony door and spring clean the crap out of our place. The problem with deep cleaning is that it creates more work. I wasn’t just dusting the cabinets, I was going through what we errantly throw in them throughout the year. Almost a year into school and I still didn’t have a dedicated place to put books, binders, notebooks, when not in use. I fixed that. We swept and swiffered. When I didn’t think I could bear to clean anymore, I continued to clean. I’m happy to report that by at least Thursday and everything has stayed pretty clean. I’m finally getting a hang of the whole “put something away, right away” concept. It’s pretty handy for living in a small space.

This will come as no surprise but this month I’m trying to follow along with the Blogilates calendar. April’s theme is “127 to heaven.” When I saw that theme, I was confused. Turns out it’s pretty straightforward. So far, in her fabulous YouTube supplemented career, Cassey has created 127 workout videos and I am supposed to try to do all of them in April. I’m doing just okay. The days I have school make it tough to get 60+ minutes of workout in. I try to make it up on the weekends…but it’s the weekend. On Saturday I did Saturday’s full list of videos and made up a couple from the week. I’ve still go some catching up to do! This has been and will be fun though because I’m getting to revisit some of my favorites and I’m discovering some new favorites.

Saturday evening I had plans with a good girlfriend, Julie,  to go see Jack’s Mannequin whose lead singer was also the lead singer of Something Corporate. So awesome. Julie, her boy Justin, Alexis, Kate, Katie, Katie’s boy, and I met up at the Winking Lizard in Coventry for some pre-Grog Shop dinner and basketball. I realized early on that I was out with a bunch of Michigan fans and I decided to just embrace it, I mean, we all cheer Big 10, right? I tried GLBC’s Alchemy Hour for the first time and it was love at first sip. Dangerous love at first sip at 9.4%.

The headliner came on stage before 10 p.m. at the Grog. I couldn’t believe it. We practically ran to the Grog and walked in as “Woke Up in a Car” was being played. For the most part we stayed toward the back of the crowd by the bar, sipping on PBR tall boys. I still had a great view of the stage and the energy in the place was crazy! There’s not much better than going to an intimate concert and getting lost in everyone singing along. Andrew even crowd-surfed and, gasp, I touched him! Once when he was on the way to the bar to take a shot, and once on the way back! And I haven’t washed my hand since…JUST KIDDING. It was a very rock star moment though.After the show we popped back into the Wink to watch the final minutes of the Michigan game. Some poor guy from the Syracuse area was nearly in tears.

Sunday morning arrived quickly and it was clearly going to be another stunning day. I was up and at’em pretty early considering my late night partying like a hipster. I made pancakes. I even put chocolate chips in a couple of them and we used the syrup that Boyface brought back from Canada- delicious. We hit the ground running and went out to Crocker Park to enjoy the sunshine and do a little shopping. I got some Indians gear from VS (Roll Tribe!) and we did some major damage in Yankee Candle. I was just loving being out in the sun, bring that Vitamin D on!

When it was time for a late brunch we made an attempt to go to the Cabin Club, no luck, closed. In a stroke of genius, my partner in crime said, “wasn’t there a place in Rocky River you’ve wanted to try for a long time?” The answer is yes, for almost two years now I’ve driven by Market and have never been. My expectations were high after all this time but Market managed to exceed them. I’d like to go back for another brunch, try dinner, and a happy hour or watch sports at their bar. We opted for the make-your-own Bloody Mary bar, it was absolutely loaded. I did see a Spicy Pickle Bloody Mary on the menu though and will be gunning for that next brunch. I got a healthy-ish dish of veggies, eggs, and a dollop of goat cheese. I was very happy camper. Boyface ordered the corned beef has of course and his dish was superb. I’ve never had such fall apart corned beef before.

After the meal, our Sunday funday was destined to continue. We had both set of sticks (that means golf clubs) in the trunk of the car and we drove to the driving range. I think I could like golfing. I tried on some golf skirts on Saturday when we were perusing Dick’s, and the sport certainly looks cute on me. Prior to the driving range I had attempted to hit a golf ball maybe three or four times in my life. I can happily say I’ve got at least another fifty or so under my belt now. They weren’t all pretty but I feel like I’m learning a lot. My partner in crime is now doubling as my golf instructor (when I ask questions) and he is very patient. I, however, am not very patient. I think golf will help me find my inner peace.

Our fun didn’t quite end after the golf, we made a pit stop to Pet’s Mart to acquire another member of the family. Yes, that’s right, we got a BETA FISH. It’s not a dog, or a tea cup pig, but it’s a start. His name is Louis, after Louis C.K. He’s very sassy. Let me guess, you’re dying to see pictures? I know, I’ll get some! Then, finally, the weekend festivities wrapped up, just like I’m wrapping up this post just in time to think about what I’m doing this upcoming weekend.

Friday- Happy hour with Anita and then school stuff

Saturday- School stuff and if I get enough done then maybe I’ll be allowed to go to the Mint Julep for the Cleveland Ballet. It begins at 7:30 and will consist of four varieties of Julep to sample, appetizers, desserts, and the opportunity to meet the dancers, and choreographer/artistic director and composer of their upcoming production, Cocktail Hour. How much fun does that sound?! This will be at Alex Bistro which is always a good time anyway.

Here is a link to check out a sneak peek at Cocktail Hour.

Sunday- More school work. It’s the home stretch of the semester and the paper writing and presentations are in full swing. Batter up!

Disclosure: As a blogger person I was offered to attend the Mint Julep Soiree free of charge but, as always, opinions are 100% my own.

What are you excited for this weekend? Has your week flown too?
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8 thoughts on “The Winking Lizard, The Grog Shop, and Golf.

  1. I just tried Alchemy Hour at World of Beer this past weekend! LOVE! I mean, what GLBC beer is NOT good though, right?🙂 The Grog Shop is always a fun, intimate, hipstery place to take in shows too. I used to frequent there a lot when I lived on Coventry during college. Ahhh… the good ol’ days! Some times I forget the awesome headliners they have there! Add that to the to-do list!

  2. This week has been crazy fast! I can’t believe it’s already Thursday- though that is awesome. We’re going to Yuri’s Night at the Science Center this weekend- I’m super excited for it!

    Oh and glad golf will help you find your inner peace- it normally makes me want to hit things with the clubs! Needless to say, I don’t play…ever.

    1. Can’t wait to hear about Yuri’s night, it’s supposed to be phenomenal!

      Golf kind of makes me want to scream right now too, but I think it would be a significant development if I can break through.

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