My morning routine, cupcakes, and a Cavs game.

I hope you’re ready for this. I’m making graphs again. This time I decided to explore, using a stacked bar graph, what I do to get ready depending on how much time I have.

getting ready

It was hard to narrow done what the actual steps I go through when getting ready. I’m realizing there are a lot of things I do that I couldn’t really justify including.

These steps included:

  • Aimlessly walking around the condo unable to realize what I meant to do
  • Turning on a playlist on Spotify
  • Turning off the playlist and putting a record on the record player
  • Opening the fridge, looking inside it, shutting it and walking away
  • Staring at my closet
  • Looking to see if something I wanted to wear is in the laundry basket
  • Lay down on the bed periodically and sigh

It’s amazing the difference between having 15 golden minutes and having to go, like, NOW.

In other news- Monday we celebrated my Gram’s birthday. We had chicken parm, I can only hope to one day achieve the cooking prowess my mom has. My little sister brought over my puppy-niece B.B. and the puppy she’s taking care of until she finds a good home for, Pinto.


Tuesday was class and a baking extravaganza. Okay, maybe not an extravaganza but I did reach outside of my comfort zone. I made red velvet cheesecake cupcakes. I used this recipe from taste and tell. The cupcakes were a big hit at work! It’s much easier to fill cupcakes with cheesecake filling than I would have guessed. I’m ready to cheesecake-ify most cupcakes I cook from now on. This was also my first attempt at chocolate ganache. Two words stick out- delicious and messy. The chocolate was so messy. Our kitchen is still suffering.

Yesterday we went to the Cavs game with my girlfriend Karla and her husband. I had so much fun! We met at the Harry Buff for dinner and drinks ahead of time. I thought it would be pretty quiet but downtown was hopping. It’s always encouraging to see Cleveland busy on weeknights. Boyface was even out for dinner in Tremont on Tuesday and said it was even busy there, solid. I just love the atmosphere of sporting events in Cleveland. I love getting to see the players in person. There were a few who were much taller in real life than on TV when the only things I have to compare them to are the other players.

It was superhero night at the Cavs game! How cool is that? Made me think of Amanada from Clue in Cleveland! If I would have known ahead of time I would have dressed as my favorite superhero, Kitty Pryde.

I mean this Kitty Pryde:

Not this one: (Even though she has a really ridiculous song that I like!)

In light of superhero night all of the local mascots were in the house- even some not so local ones from Toledo and Erie. I was loving it. My favorite mascot, and my heart will always belong to Slider. I got to see him at the Indians Tweet-up and my inner 8-year-old got so obnoxiously giddy.

Who is your favorite mascot? Who is your favorite superhero? Where’s your favorite establishment to go before sporting events?

9 thoughts on “My morning routine, cupcakes, and a Cavs game.

  1. Batman! I love Batman. I’m a weirdo, yes. But not the Batman comics, just the movies. I grew up with boys so Batman, ghostbusters, mob movies and Indian Jones were my thing.
    Your graph is great. I got ready in 15 mins today, it was a miracle. Also I didn’t wash my hair. Don’t tell anyone though.

  2. I was dying when I was reading your list of things not included on your graph! They are so true! Also, J and I were at Harry Buffalo downtown last night as well! But not for the Cavs, we saw Robert Kelly at Hilarities🙂

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