Press Wine Bar in Tremont.

I love going out to eat and I love trying new places. I would love to be a regular somewhere in Cleveland but it just hasn’t happened for me yet. Since I do flock to new places, and since I am willing to try things on the menu that aren’t mozzarella sticks and chicken Cesar salads, I should probably share my experiences with you. The only problem is, I’m really, really bad at taking pictures of my food. I’m bad at remembering too, and then I’m not very skillful when I do. I have some friends that do it well like Crystal, at Eat*Drink*Cleveland, and Katrina, at Bite Buff, I could learn a thing or two from them! This has previously stopped me from posting restaurant reviews but fear not. I will review anyway, especially the places I love.

I went to Press Wine Bar for my friend Julie’s birthday. (See her fabulous birthday recap here.) I had not been yet but had heard a lot of positive things along with the usual “working out the kinks” comments. I had never been to Lago, which is a shame considering my love for Italian food but I’m not sure I would have liked it better than Press. The hostess was really friendly and energetic when we walked in. The bar looks enticing. I think I have a thing for big, wood bars. Press felt rustic yet chic.

The Birthday Girl and I!
The Birthday Girl and I!

We were in party room in the back area. It was nice they had a television so Boyface could watch basketball while the ladies giggled among ourselves.

Our service was really great! Large parties aren’t easy to handle, and we had two separate large tables, with people coming and going at various stages of the meal. I think food came out in a timely manner but I can’t say for sure because when you’re having fun and talking and taking pictures, who is keeping track?

We started with a small cheese and meat board. It was very yummy but I have no idea what was on it exactly. I’m not sure we made it a point to ask either. The portion size was generous, I’m glad we didn’t opt for the large. For the meal, my partner-in-crime order the Press Burger. It’s not like him to go somewhere nice and order a burger, I promise. We had heard someone explain this burger was the best one they’d ever had and how do you not try something after a statement like that? The verdict? We were impressed. I only had a small bite but the burger was smokey and perfectly cooked. I have a new understanding for what good burgers should taste like.

I had my heart set on a flatbread. I chose the Garlic Flatbread, which had garlic (obviously), onions, mozzarella, and tomatoes. It was…okay. It was very, very, very, very garlicky which the name implies. I think I played it too safe, I should have tried the Pig, Pear, or Duck Sausage Flatbread.

Overall was a positive experience and I would like to go back soon and try out that sturdy looking bar for a happy hour.

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